Capturing the secret to your success: Staff Legacy Book required reading, writing assignment for editors and staff

Rob Melton
January 19
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Final exams are around the corner, and a final exam in a media class can include a reflective essay that offers advice to a future staff member. For lack of a better term, I've called this a Legacy Book because it is literally what individual staff members believe is the secret to being successful, written...

Just like a daily newspaper, get daily updates from our website

December 15
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A database updated every 24 hours, delivered to your mailbox every morning. Sound familiar? It's our latest offering, and it's easy for you to sign up. In the right column below, in the widget box "Email Site Updates," type in your email address. You don't have to be a member to subscribe, only...

Survey says…

Rob Melton
December 5
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I’m glad so many of you are willing to take our occasional online surveys through Almost everyone told us they like the surveys and want to communicate in that way. You also told us you would prefer an email newsletter to the paper copy. This month, we’re starting our email newsletter...

…and the truth shall set you free

Terry Thrash Nelson
November 20

Editor's note: Instead of covering the news, she became the news. The school board members who had fired her were not reelected the next year, and the new school board -- at their very first meeting -- fired the superintendent, the principal and assistant superintendent.  BOSTON -- When Linda Waller, deput...

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