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Board of Directors

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Bylaws specify there must be a minimum of three and a maximum of nine non-student board members who serve three-year terms:

(1) A representative of the Oregon Journalism Education Association
Kate Moore
Sellwood MS
Portland, OR
Term: 2012-

(2) An appointee from the Oregon Newspaper Publishers’ Association

(3) A currently active media adviser, (up to three)
Melody Hughes
Roosevelt HS
Portland, OR
Term: 2013-

(4) One or more members at large, (from any media/journalism-related classification)
Rob Melton
Portland, OR
Term: 2012-

Frank Ragulsky
Corvallis, OR
Term: 2012-

Patty Turley
Junction City High School
Juntion City, OR
Term: 2011-

(5) Dean or dean’s representative of the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism
Julianne Newton, Dean
UO School of Journalism
Eugene, OR

(6) Two high school media juniors or seniors, and

(7) Up to two student non-voting ex-officio members who as alternates vote in the absence of the high school media members.


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