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Legacy Letters lesson plan

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Legacy Letters
Write a legacy letter to share with next year’s staff

Give this letter voice. Make it sound like you!

Opt. 1: A letter about your position to your successor. Include:

  • Detailed description of your job / what it is you do
  • Information you wish you would have known at the beginning of the year. What did we not tell you?
  • Answers to these Qs: What are the positive aspects of your position? What are the challenges of your position? What really “worked” for you this year in this role? Is there anything you really wanted to do this year that you didn’t get to and would recommend for your successor?
  • Tips for how to do well at the job, i.e. interacting with students and staff, learning InDesign, etc.
  • Other information specific to your position

Opt. 2: A letter as a staff member, to the whole staff. Include:

  • A reflection on the year: your first impressions, your last impressions, everything in the middle, etc.
  • A little bit about what you learned during the year – good lessons and bad lessons both!
  • What ARROW should or should not have done, what you would like to continue to see happen next year, what the future staff should aim for, strive to avoid, etc.
  • a Top Ten List of ARROWHEAD Tips
  • Other relevant information

Derek Smith


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Legacy Letters lesson plan