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July 25, 2012

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Northwest Scholastic Press at University of Oregon. Watch for our postcard announcing upcoming events. You can always check this website's calendar for a complete list of upcoming events, activities, workshops and classes. In the meantime, if you've got a great photograph or story that illustrates...

News via our sister association in Colorado shows citizen journalism among scholastic journalists alive and well

Jack Kennedy

July 21, 2012

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Friends, I do not have enough information at this moment to say if any high school students were injured in the theater murders (I refuse to call this sort of thing a "tragedy"). When we know anything, I will do my best (along with other Coloradans) to keep you in the loop. A six-year-old girl is...

BACK TO SCHOOL ON TRI-MET thanks to Portland Mayor Sam Adams.

July 11, 2012

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Editor's Note: Portland Metro area students who depend on the region's bus system to get to the school of their choice have a hard-hitting advocate in Portland Mayor Sam Adams. In our continuing search for back-to-school stories -- most likely on your new WordPress blog, as school budgets are cut ac...

Plan a makeover of your ‘What I did during summer vacation’ back-to-school feature before you leave

Plan a makeover of your ‘What I did during summer vacation’ back-to-school feature before you leave

July 9, 2012


Editor's Note: Every scholastic journalism program has done it: The Summer Vacation story. This year, turn that idea on its head. Let the students who stayed in town explain real life to those who were white water rafting, in London for the Olympics, or other exciting adventure vacations. Willamette Week...

Use #JEAai hashtag to follow the JEA Advisers Institute tweets from Las Vegas beginning July 9

July 6, 2012

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Mark Newton, JEA ‏@jeapresident JEA President Mark Newton said he is "really looking forward to the latest JEA initiative — a teaching convention just for advisers." The JEA Advisers Institute kicks off Monday in Las Vegas, and you can follow along with the INNOVATION and INSPIRATION. Whether y...

JEA teachers share ideas for Sports Literature class

Rob Melton, Contributing Editor

July 3, 2012

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Recently, retired Michigan journalism teacher Gloria Olman asked members of the JEA Listserv for ideas for a sports literature class a friend of hers will teach next year. As usual, teachers responded with a variety of ideas, some of which could easily be adapted into a sports writing unit.  

Kent State ASNE Reynolds Institute to live stream sessions for media advisers July 8-20

Candace Bowen

July 2, 2012

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High school media advisers from around the country will have the opportunity to sit in on sessions from the Kent State ASNE Reynolds High School Journalism Institute this July by watching a live stream on their computer. Five sessions, focusing on copyright law, feature writing, editorial policies,...