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Get up to speed fast with online stylebook and staff manual

Wonder what the standards are for excellent publications? Trying to get from good to great? Need a quick, easy-to-use guide for your newspaper, yearbook, magazine or online web news page?

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<strong>By Rob Melton</strong>
The online News Writer’s Handbook serves up publications rules and guidelines for news writers, editors, photographers and designers. It’s also a great teaching tool for new staff members to get up to speed. Best of all, it’s free. Teachers and students have permission to use it in the classroom and adapt it for their own use.

Accompanying the handbook are stylebooks quizzes which students should pass with flying colors before they are allowed to write or edit for their publication, as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Since you want to teach students to “look it up,” consider allowing them to use the stylebook to determine the correct answer. All of the rules have a letter and a number, and you could also require them to write down the rule that determines the correct answer. Be sure to double-check the answers to make sure they match the stylebook you use.

Stylebook Tests by Rob Melton

Each chapter is introduced with principles and rules of them followed by specific examples. Chapters include The Word, The Story, The Picture, The Page, The Power, The Staff.

You’ll also find interviewing tips, story writing models, how to write headlines, copyediting and proofreading symbols, news designer’s handbook, punctuation.

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Get up to speed fast with online stylebook and staff manual